LURE Restaurant & Bar

The Design Story

San Francisco based Puccini Group created the concept for LURE Restaurant & Bar as a homage to the fisherman who first settled in Victoria. These first settlers were gritty and hardworking making their livelihood from the seas yet their hearts remained tender as they fell in love with the spectacular island setting and incredible local culture. The space is crafted but not rustic with nautical touches showcased throughout the room. The restaurant transformed, is refined but casual, comfortable and familiar.

The herringbone design throughout the space is a modernized representation of First Nation’s patterns and the coastal location. There are ships bells, tattooed tables and stenciled walls that pay tribute to Victoria’s sea faring settlers. The materials used throughout the restaurant represent Canada’s finest bounty with walnut tables, hickory floors, oak bar and leather seats. The space offers a refined yet comfortable vibe.


Our Restaurant Chef

Dan Bain, Chef - LURE Restaurant & Bar

Born & raised on Vancouver Island, Chef Dan joined our team in 2005. He covered all aspects of the kitchen before being promoted to Chef de Partie Saucier. In January 2012, through hard work and the hunger to challenge himself, Dan was promoted to Restaurant Chef. Being local, he is excited to continue his support of the community and Vancouver Island’s bounty of locally farmed products. Dan enjoys getting the best out of every ingredient he uses.

"I love the fact that every ingredient has flavours, colours, textures, and smells waiting to be unlocked and combined. Whether it's the simple caramelization of onions or the complex chemical reactions of baking bread, the results are always fascinating."

Originally Dan wanted to be a marine biologist but found his way to cooking. Most of the time Dan can be found at the restaurant cooking food, in his garden growing food or at the gym working off the food.